Proceeds from Darlene Bishop Ministries help support The Darlene Bishop Home for Life and the Solid Rock Orphanage of Brazil.

In Darlene's own words:

From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible reveals that Satan has been trying to destroy unborn children. He's tried to steal the seed of God, and the generations of people for whom Jesus Christ gave his life. You see, if Satan can deteriorate the family, he can destroy the church. Society says it's acceptable to have an abortion. Young girls are not told the truth that abortion compounds human need leaving brokenness and pain. They are also not told that abortion takes the life of their unborn baby.

My heart and passion is to provide a loving home that meets the needs of girls that are pregnant, orphaned or homeless.

The answers lie in a faith-based program such as the Home for Life. Many girls have deep-rooted hurt and pain from abuse, addiction, self-hate and rejection. It takes more than just food and clothing to reverse the negative cycles. It takes a miraculous change by the power of Jesus Christ.

This is my reason for building a home for girls. You and i can make an eternal difference in their lives. My prayer is that you will join me in this God-ordained ministry of mercy to "the least of these".

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