In 2002, God gave Pastor Darlene Bishop a vision of Solid Rock Ministries working with the children of Brazil. Since then, God has given us 3 homes (Casa Verde and Casa Butanta) with more than 50 children.

We are currently in the city of Sao Paulo. There are approximately 17 million people here. We provide a safe and healthy environment, off the dangerous streets. We teach and train the children in the Bible. We enroll them into school and teach them reading and writing.

The country of Brazil covers nearly 1/2 of South America. It is the 5th largest country in the world. Brazil is South America’s leading economic power and is a regional leader in the world today. The Amazon, which flows through northern Brazil, is the mightiest river on the planet.

As for the darker side of Brazil: about 8 million children live in the streets throughout Brazil. 3.5 million Brazilian children work, many involved in violent crime or prostitution. 1,000 children die per day because of hunger and malnutrition. From 1996 to 1999, over 3000 kids were murdered in Rio de Janerio alone, most by death squads or the police.